Flower Seed Tins

Aurora Wildflower Seeds 50g Tin. £12 + VAT. Free shipping. Covers 25m2.

This tin contains five types of flowers; Cosmos, Cornflower, Californian Poppy, Marigold and Zinnia seed, varying in height from 60cm to 80cm.

Aurora will create a fantastic display of flowers that will last for one season. The flowers will provide a vibrant display of successive flowering, from early summer until the autumn.

Create your own flower oasis or help nature and biodiversity by creating habitat for butterflies and bees. The perfect birthday, Christmas or housewarming gift.

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Please ring 01437 781780 to order.

Sowing information: Ground Preparation: Rake the soil and produce a medium-fine seedbed, free of weeds. Sow: April-end of June at 2g/m2. Flowering: Mid-June – October, providing sufficient moisture during the germination and development phase.

Tin Contains: Sufficient seed to sow 25m2