Free local delivery on our big bags of hard and soft wood.

These logs are from our own farm and kiln dried on site.

***SPECIAL OFFER*** Big bag of hard wood £80 Big bag of soft wood £60 PLUS free bag of kindling worth £5 with every order. Free delivery to the Havens. Please call 01437 781780 to order.

Big Bag of hard wood (approx. 250KG) £85. Free local delivery available.

Big Bag of soft wood £75. Free local delivery available.

Small bag of hardwood logs £10.50

Kindling £6.00

Please call 01437 781780 to order.

Please note that logs will be delivered and left on the nearest hardstanding that the van can get to.

Logs will be delivered within 5 working days but we are unable to give an exact date or time when the logs are being ordered.