Coastal Fun!

cameramappThe landscape around us is changing, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly.
Nature plays its part with changing seasons, changing light and weather events. People too, impact the landscape in many ways. Help us record these changes by taking a photo from one of our fixed point photography posts and share it with us. We will add it to all the other shared images and create a time-lapse film to show the changes.
What will the coast look like tonight? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? During a storm? After a storm? Visit for more information.

puffinbusWhat are coastal buses?
Pembrokeshire Coastal Bus Services are local bus services that travel along the coast, seven days a week during the summer, to access walks, beaches, boat trips, local villages and attractions.
For more FAQ’s please visit this website:

Bus Timetable:

puffinsummer1puffinsummer2Winter Bus Timetable
Puffin Shuttle bus times:,1629,839,1038&parent_directory_id=646&id=11494

There are other coastal services available here:,1629,839,1038&parent_directory_id=646